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I started this business out of the motivation to help heal. In today’s world abuse and trauma are so prevalent. A wonderful “woo-woo” woman, as they say, helped me make the connection between science and spirit through the element of energy. Her name was Lisa Bussmann-Hackmeyer and I dedicate my work to her. 
She had traveled to the ends of the Earth to see healers of all kinds, from the temples of Machu Picchu to the catholic churches of Rome, seeking treatment for her husbands disease and her own process of spiritual enlightenment. Although they have both passed, the unconditional love they emitted still remains, wrapping us warmly like the robes at their pool.  She taught me that no one can do, say, or teach me the way, only give me the resources and guidance to access my own individual healing type by trusting my intuition and what resonates with me. 
After immersing myself in literature from all types of religious texts and spiritual techniques, I found what works best for me and felt compelled to share my knowledge with others seeking help. PPP offers the tools necessary to look within and begin the healing process. 

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Saying NO!

As a young girl I grew up constantly trying to please my mother and her exceedingly high expectations. I always met the goals she had set...

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