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Pregnancy was the most beautiful thing I’ve yet to experience. As soon as you announce your news people will bombard you with facts and opinions, whether you ask or not lol. Some things I found helpful, but mostly it was all negative. I think the negativity surrounding women and pregnancy is very much unnecessary and basically people projecting their trauma or bad experiences onto others. I am a realist, “prepare for the worst but always imagine the best possible outcome”, my main philosophy in life. Here is a list of the real parts of pregnancy I believe you really need to know!

  1. Yes your body will change and that is OKAY! Heck you might even like it better, but if you don’t it can change again!

  2. You and you alone will have to live with the decisions you make. Don’t let anyone shame you into something you’re unsure about. If you feel that you’ve made a mistake, forgive yourself, we do the best we can. Some days our best wasn’t what we would’ve liked for it to be, you are a perfectly imperfect human. It is okay!

  3. Rock that bump! Although I only let my bare bump out one time, it was a very liberating experience and I would highly recommend it.

  4. Whatever emotions you’re feeling, your baby is also feeling. If you have to cut off everyone in your call log to keep the peace, DO IT! To those who know they have issues and are working on them…….be easy with yourself during this period. It’s not about you right now, it’s about your unborn child. You are perfect flaws and all!

  5. Stretch marks are genetic, period. A lot of men love “tiger stripes”, so should we! If you absolutely hate your stretch marks you can get them tattooed.

  6. Morning sickness is mostly caused by low blood sugar. Eat a piece of fruit in the middle of the night and it will help alleviate nausea and vomiting.

  7. Yoga, an exercise ball, and the pool helped me SO much in preparing for labor and enduring the third trimester.

  8. Have a birth plan and good support team if you’re doing a hospital delivery. Hospital staff will try to pressure you into following their “protocols” but you don’t have to do as they say. It is your baby and your body! We live in a free country!

  9. Men are extremely aroused by pregnant women. I have never been ogled and fawned over more than when I was pregnant! Seriously. You are a vibrant goddess creating LIFE! Women tend to feel the opposite of sexy while pregnant, I think due to society’s views, but you are actually in one of the prime sexual times of your life. Embrace it!

  10. After you give birth your body will be an unknown territory. You have left the maiden phase of your life and entered into motherhood. Ignore the comments of “you’ll get back to your old self”, “you’ll lose the weight”, you may or you may not, that is okay! The goal is not to get back to your old self…..the goal is to embrace the NEW you!

Their are a million other things I could probably say, but these are the main points I wanted to get across. It is a beautiful experience and no one will have the same experience that you do. If you do it more than once it may be completely different each time. Try to make yourself as comfortable as possible, take your vitamins, and don’t be afraid to tell people to fuck off!

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