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How My Health Journey Began!

Hey everyone,

My name is Hattie and I am thriving despite my health issues, thanks to herbal medicine and a lifestyle change. As someone who has struggled with anxiety, depression, and pain from autoimmune disease, I’ve been prescribed quite a few different pills over the years. At one point I was taking 17 pills per day with no full relief and decided enough was enough!

The year 2018 completely changed my relationship with food and pharmaceuticals. I had become a living zombie. I would wake up to alarms telling me to take a handful of pills and then pass back out. After several months I decided that this was certainly not living and if I couldn’t find another solution, I would rather kill myself than continue in this hell loop. So I gathered up all my energy, smarts, and determination and began reading anything I could find about autoimmune diseases.

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Pinterest actually became a huge asset in my search for relief. The site tends to show more holistic approaches to health issues than other search engines. One afternoon I read an article relating autoimmune diseases to the Epstein Bar Virus and it was as if I was reading my medical history in an article. I immediately began crying and tried to call my mother to tell her what I had discovered. She had to hang up and read the article herself because I was so emotional she couldn’t understand what I was trying to say. About 5 minutes later she called back and said, “Omg this sounds like everything that’s happened to you over the last several years.” I said yes through the tears, finally feeling relieved to know what was really wrong with me. After much more research I determined that this virus would present itself different in different patients, which results in diagnosises from rheumatoid arthritis to lupus to interstitial cystitis. The underlying issue of all autoimmune diseases is INFLAMMATION!

I began seeking ways to reduce inflammation in the body. Everyone is different, but for me sticking to an alklaine diet was a complete game changer. Once I came up with a diet I could easily follow I was able to quit all the prescription drugs and started feeling alive again! The best book I found to easily explain how all of our environmental factors play a part in our health can be found at the link below.

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