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September 26, 2021 will forever be a day that changed my life indefinitely. Not for the reason that most might think though. Out of this very tragic event I actually received a huge blessing, but we will start from the beginning. It all started with a friend grieving the loss of her father and wanting to go get a bite to eat. Fast forward to several hours later and then BOOM.

I open my eyes and saw my vehicle in the rear end of another vehicle and all I could hear was screaming. When I tried to turn towards the screaming I realized I couldn’t move my neck so I shifted my body and saw airbags deployed everywhere around the passenger side of the vehicle and noticed that my back passenger door was completely gone. I asked my friend in the front seat beside me if she’s okay, she says she‘s hurt but not bleeding, in so many words and screams. I asked about our other friend in the backseat, he was unresponsive. Then I notice a man standing beside me trying to talk to me. I turned to him and asked what happened to us. He tells me that we had been hit by another vehicle and then rolled into his car and that an ambulance was on the way. He tells me that i need to find my insurance and drivers license for the police. I tried to move to look for my purse and realized I couldn’t lift my left leg at all. The man’s wife looked around the car for my purse and found it. I couldn’t find my license as it was too dark to see and too difficult to concentrate from the screaming. Next, the man helped me get out of the car so I could look better. I drug my leg to the sidewalk and then fell to the ground. After that I was put in an ambulance with the girl who was riding passenger and I just closed my eyes and began praying. When we reached the hospital we entered and were sat in the waiting area in wheel chairs. Still unaware where our other friend was or if he was okay. At this point we both started screaming in pain as our bodies entered shock and I passed out from the pain. 4-5 hours later I woke up to someone asking me how to reach family of our 3rd friend who we didn’t come in with. I started making calls to people and finally got someone to answer who could come up there. That is when the picture above was taken. A little bit later I heard yelling from down the hall and get a call from the person who had just arrived at the hospital. He informed me that the nurses said our 3rd friend in the vehicle was now in the morgue and that he could not go back to see him unless immediate family. He asked me to come get him as he was lashing out at the front desk people. Southern Barnes Jewish had some of the coldest, unprofessional nurses more lacking in compassion than I could’ve ever imagined. I hobbled my way to the front and when we got back to my room both of us just sat hugging each other and crying. We were both in total disbelief. He sat with me until the doctors determined that I had nothing broken that needed immediate surgery. Then of course they needed to run a tox panel and an alcohol level test. Thankfully I barely drink when I go out anymore so I was only at half of the legal limit so they release me as no arrest was warranted. (This doesn’t stop police from later harassing me, to be discussed in another post.) The doctors put me back in the waiting room, they sat me next to other people sick with who knows what, until my mother could make it in from out of state about an hour later.

Stayed tuned next week for this story to be continued.

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