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My Musical Side

Everyone's asking, so I'll answer! I started out loving music as a small child. The first song I remember hearing was "Bad to the Bone" by George Thorogood & The Destroyers at the wee age of 3. Ever since then I have had a deep love for rock music of all kinds. I come from a very musically inclined family. My mom was on the cover of magazines playing music as a young girl. She has the voice of an Angel, plays guitar, and can get by on several instruments. I recently found out I wasn't the first person in my family to run away to Saint Louis. Years ago an ancestor of mine came here to be a bluegrass singer. Growing up in school I sung in the school choir and would recieve solos sometimes. Although I never learned to play any instruments, it didn't stop me from writing. As a kid I would come up with songs while working on the farm, now I write when driving or doing laundry, etc. I've mainly been around bluegrass and red dirt music my entire life, but have been spending more time in the hip hop industry, as of late. The fact that I write poetry, am witty , and don't care what people think made writing rap easy for me. Now I'm sure some would disagree! People seem to come unglued when anyone yt starts rapping, but it's all in good fun for me! I purchased my first rap album at 11 years old, it was the YingYangTwins "Me & My Brother". My mother confiscated it when I went to summer camp, but it didn't stop me from calling in to the radio station and requesting they play "Salt Shaker" at 5 pm every day, which they did. When I became a little older I started listening to artist like Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, WakaFlocka, Ace Hood and more. The wildly humorous lyrics present in southern rap just speaks to my heart. Not that they go without speaking on some real shit, songs like "Have Mercy" by Ace Hood and "My City" by Yo Gotta(feat. K.Michelle) really give you a look into the issues caused by systemic racism in this country. Although I've performed doing various things in my life, I'm not completely sold on the idea of doing it again. As of now I'm leaning more towards being a songwriter, but we will see what happens. The train has left the station and I'm just along for the ride!



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