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Trade your pills for pancakes!

Today I’m here to blow your mind! Sweets are one of the many ways I’ve managed to stay off prescription pills and still regulate my nervous system. Yes, brownies and pancakes now replace my daily dose of Xanax! The following recipe makes about 6 pancakes. I alternate between eating 2 pancakes one morning and the next day having 1 brownie at bedtime. I will have the brownie recipe up as soon as I perfect it. These recipes are also gluten free & dairy free! Remember we are trying to cut back on inflammation so those things are imperative.

Lemon Lavender Pancakes

-1 Cup of Live G Free Pancake & Baking Mix

-1 Cup Coconut Milk(sweetened or unsweetened)

-1 Lemon

-1 Large Egg

- MCT oil

-Lemon Balm Extract by Mary Ruth’s

-Lavender Anxiety Soother by Herb Farm

-1/2 teaspoon of vanilla flavoring

Begin by adding the baking mix, egg, and 3/4 cup of milk into a bowl. Next take your measuring cup and add 5 squirts of the lemon balm extract, 3 squirts of the lavender anxiety soother and then top this off with MCT oil until you reach the 1/4 cup mark. When I say squirts I mean place the dropper down into the bottle, squeeze & release, about 1/2 of the dropper or slightly over will contain the extract, that equals 1 squirt worth in my terms of measurement. Lol rocket science I know! Now cut your lemon into wedges and squeeze 1 wedge worth into the batter. Mix it all up and your batter is ready!

I’ve found that this mixture is suitable to make pancakes or waffles. Cook as you normally would and enjoy your day!

The ingredients can be found at the link below

Check out this list Lemon Lavender Pancakes from Pink Pegasus Pursuits

Check back in for my sleepy time brownie recipe!


Hattie Lou Who

Disclaimer: This is in no way medical advice and you should consult with a healthcare professional if taking medications before trying this recipe. Some of the ingredients may interact with certain prescriptions and cannot be taken at the same time.

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