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What is normal?

I use to live a life that was unfulfilling and never made me happy. Unfortunately, I was in serious denial about the fact that I was unhappy. Perhaps I wasn’t even in denial, really just conditioned to think this way of living was suppose to be the goal. In this country we are so brainwashed into accepting the “hamster wheel“ lifestyle. You know the one where you spend all day at a job that makes you feel exhausted, afterwards you go home and escape your life by whatever means necessary. Most people think this is just how life is.......I hate to burst your bubble, but it’s not!

The two most popular means to escape reality in America are drugs/alcohol and being a couch potato. People will get off work and go home to watch hours upon hours of “programming” of fake people’s fake lives and pig out on junk food. No wonder obesity has become such a problem since tv’s came about. Incase you were unaware, obesity is one of the top causes of death in America. Yes, even more so than “the virus”. Next, we have the people who abuse drugs/alcohol to escape. Even if you’re not doing hard drugs and just going out for drinks with the girlfriends it is still substance abuse. Doing anything to a point of excess or intoxication is abuse of that substance. I saw data the other day saying that fentanyl would cause more deaths this year than anything else in America. They are putting it in Xanax, cocaine, weed, adderol, painkillers, etc. If Mac Miller can die from a bad pill I promise you are at an even higher risk with your low level drug dealer. The fact is you are using mind altering radio waves or mind altering substances to change your mood in means of escaping the terrible reality which is your life.

Now I say this all without judgment because I’ve been guilty myself. I just want to inform people that this way of living, although “normal”, is not how we humans are suppose to be living. What is normal? Normal means the majority of people do it. Incase you didn’t notice, our entire world is falling apart. So I’m here trying to shake shit up and tell everyone that we need a new normal! The goal should be to live a life which is so fulfilling that you don’t need to escape your days with unhealthy habits at night. The goal should be to work a job that makes you happy. The goal should be to find other activities, which aren’t detrimental to your health, that you think are fun. Most people don’t believe me when I say this, but I have reached such highs while off drugs and alcohol that I cried tears of happiness. I have felt more joy and fulfillment than I ever did “having fun at the bars”. I learned how to create a life that I don’t need to “go get a drink” about. I want you to know that you can have a life that makes you just as happy. Happy should be the new normal.

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